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I ordered an OEM disk for 8.1 and then got an email to download. Got on chat with them and was told it was back ordered and would be here in 5 days.

I waited over a week and no response from them. I went to chat with them and was told again to download the program. I told them my connection speed was to slow and I needed a disk as I had ordered. I told them the first time I wanted a refund but was asked to give them a few days and they would burn me a disk.

I started getting worried then because this would not an original disk, but a copy. The second time on chat I told them I wanted a refund and was told I had to wait 4 hours and call back. I then told them I would contact the authorities if I did not receive a refund now. I copied the chat then and sent it to my email box for verification.

I went to my bank and when they looked at the conversation they then filed fraud charges. Later that day I got an email saying I didn’t have to go to the authorities, but only got a partial refund.

Went back to the bank and then I got the rest of my refund. Do not trust this company at all, they are based out of Canada and I was lucky I used my bank card and I have a very good bank.

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always file an online complaint with the BBB (Better business bureau) on any company that tries to scam you, that is the only way to put these companies out of business

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